Ashley Wyeth

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Ashley Wyeth
Relationship to BSC Classmate; Claudia's friend
Appears in 12, 19, 26, 85, SS2, SS3
School SMS
Grade 8
Traits serious, obsessed with her art

Ashley Wyeth is an eighth-grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School. She transfers to SMS in #12, Claudia and the New Girl, after moving with her parents to Stoneybrook from Chicago, Illinois.



Ashley is very dedicated to art and tends to focus on it to the exclusion of all other interests. She is skilled in many different media, but wants to be a sculptress.12 She is enrolled in the same general art class as Claudia, at the Stoneybrook Arts Center; their teacher is Ms. Baer. In Chicago, Ashley took lessons from Mr. Simmons at the Keyes Art Society.

Ashley wins first prize at the Arts Center sculpture show for her sculpture of a fire hydrant.12

In 85, Ashley has apparently stopped focusing entirely on art, for no apparent reason.

Friendship with Claudia

Ashley is not social and tends to have few friends due to her intense focus on her art. In 12, Ashley offers to help Claudia develop and expand her talent. After Ashley pressures her repeatedly to forgo BSC meetings and time with her other friends in order to spend time with Ashley, Claudia eventually realizes that she can't devote her time entirely to art the way Ashley does. However, Claudia says Ashley is the only person who truly understands her love of art.19 When Claudia breaks her leg on a sitting job in 19, Ashley encourages her again to quit sitting, but isn't angry when Claudia tells her she's decided to continue baby-sitting.

After she and Claudia reconcile in 12, she occasionally eats lunch with Claudia and the rest of the BSC, according to the end of that book (but we never see this actually happen in any other book.) Ashley visits Claudia while she's in the hospital with a broken leg.19 Like some of Claudia's other friends, she's initially aloof when Claudia returns to school after the death of Claudia's grandmother Mimi.26

In 85, Claudia wins the chance to host a radio show on local station WSTO, and as the second-place winner, Ashley is assigned as her assistant. In that book, Claudia says that she and Ashley didn't remain friends after they argued over Claudia's refusal to focus on art full-time. However, for no apparent reason, Ashley is now less passionate about her art. She and Claudia initially clash in their visions for the radio program, but learn to find common ground and become friends again.


Ashley has long, dirty blonde hair and dresses in a hippie style. On her first day at SMS, she wears a long pink skirt, hiking boots, a lacy white blouse embroidered with pink flowers, silver bangle bracelets, and three unmatching dangly silver earrings in each ear. Her hair is in a fat braid.

At her first day in Claudia's art class, Ashley wears a puffy white blouse, a blue-jean jacket, a long blue-jean skirt, and her hiking boots again. She also wears beaded bracelets on both wrists and an Indian-style headband made from a strip of faded denim.

Stacey is appalled when Ashley comes to SMS one day wearing bell-bottom jeans.

In 85, the first time Claudia sees her after her apparent transformation, Ashley's wearing a plain, button-down shirt and khaki slacks with running shoes.

Other information

Ashley is apparently a good student. In seventh grade at her previous school, she read The Westing Game, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, The Yearling and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as part of a unit on Newbery Award-winning books; she suggests to her and Claudia's English teacher, Mrs. Hall, that she could do a project on Newbery-winners from the 1930s.12 Her name in the French Héritages Jeunesse books is Alice Riopelle.

She lives next door to the Rodowskys.12 Her address, according to a postcard Claudia sends from Camp Mohawk, is 12 Reilly Lane.SS2

In SS3, Ashley is left without a bunkmate on the SMS trip to Leicester Lodge and temporarily pairs up with Kristy (until the BSC is moved to a different dorm that evening.) She participates in the Winter War snow sculpture contest and is annoyed at co-judge Claudia for not selecting her sculpture as the winner.

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