Baby-sitters' Island Adventure

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Baby-sitters' Island Adventure
Author Ann M Martin
Series Super Special
Tagline Who thought they'd end up.. shipwrecked?
Date Published July 1990
Number in Series 4

Baby-sitters' Island Adventure is the fourth book in the Baby-sitters Club Super Specials series.


Plot synopsis

Claudia and Dawn have been taking sailing lessons at Stoneybrook Community Center for two months when they decide to hold a race to Greenpoint, an island off the Stoneybrook coast. The race is so close that it's declared a tie, and they vow to hold a rematch over the upcoming three-day weekend. Since Dawn's brother Jeff will be in town, she asks him to be her crew member, which leads to Becca Ramsey, Haley Braddock and Jamie Newton coming along, too. They decide to end the race with a picnic on Greenpoint.

During the race on Saturday, a huge storm suddenly appears on the water. Dawn, Jeff and Haley are forced to abandon their boat and board Claudia's, and they land on a deserted island they've never seen before. The second boat drifts away, and they're stranded with no way of leaving the island or contacting anyone for help.

Everyone in Stoneybrook is worried about the missing boaters. Many of their families and friends participate in searching for clues, either washed-up on the shoreline or on the water. Their efforts are made more difficult by constant hazy weather. On Monday morning, Claudia's empty boat is found; later, Stacey, Kristy and the Pikes are searching on the water and find a piece of Dawn's shattered boat, making everyone fear the worst.

On late Monday afternoon, Claudia is able to signal a plane above the island, and a Coast Guard ship is sent to bring them home.

Dawn and Claudia's story

After landing and realizing they're not on Greenpoint, the group begins wandering around the edge of the island looking for shelter. They find a cave and unpack their supplies, then build a fire and start rationing their food. As they go to sleep, all the kids are worried and scared, but Dawn and Claudia do their best to calm their fears despite sharing them.

The next day, Jeff catches some fish. Jamie decides that the island should be called Nine O'Clock Island, as it always seems to either 9 AM or 9 PM when they check the time. The kids use shells to spell out "HELP" in the sand for passing planes, but Claudia and Dawn realize the message won't be very visible from a height. The kids swim, explore, and work on building a fort.

On Sunday night, they discover Jamie Newton is sick and has a fever. Overnight, they make him drink all the water that they have left, and are forced to use their only blanket to cover him. On Monday morning, Claudia sets up a tarp supported by sticks to collect rainwater, and they collect lots of it in their empty containers.

Later that day, Claudia is walking on the beach with the kids and finds a large piece of mirror. The weather clears up, and she's able to use the mirror to reflect the sun and signal a plane overhead. The plane communicates with Claudia through a bullhorn, and shortly afterward a Coast Guard ship arrives with the boaters' parents and a doctor. Claudia tells her parents she's proud of herself for taking care of the kids and coming up with the ideas for the water collector and the plane signal. Dawn tells her mother that she's disappointed in herself for not being more use on the island, but her mother says that Dawn was responsible and it's good for her to learn that she can't always be "the strong one."

All the castaways go to the hospital with only minor injuries - Haley with a sunburn and Jeff with an infected cut on his foot - except for Jamie, who has strep throat and the flu, and stays in the hospital overnight. All of them stay home from school on Tuesday; Jeff returns to California Tuesday night. On Wednesday, a press conference is held and the castaways are interviewed; the mayor of Stoneybrook gives them all medals of courage, with Jeff's sent to California for him. A special edition of the Stoneybrook News is published on Friday with the full story of the disaster and pictures of the castaways and the BSC.

Jeff writes to the Spiers, asking them to send a copy of the newspaper since nobody in California believes what happened to him.

Mary Anne's story

The day before the rematch, Dawn takes a message from Logan for Mary Anne, but is distracted and forgets to pass on the information. As a result, Mary Anne thinks Logan stood her up, and they have a big fight. Mary Anne is extremely angry at Dawn and tells her she wishes Dawn would "get out of [her] life - forever."

After Dawn disappears the next day, Mary Anne is devastated by the thought she might have gotten her wish. Logan calls, but is still mad at her for thinking he'd stand her up. She sits for Charlotte Johanssen, who is also extremely upset, and they go to the community center to see the search activities.

As soon as Dawn lands back at Stoneybrook with the others, Mary Anne runs up to her and they hug. Mary Anne forgives Dawn for forgetting the message. She and Logan then make up as well.

Jessi's story

On the weekend of the sailing race, Jessi is sitting for Becca and Squirt while her parents are away on a vacation. When it becomes clear that the sailors never made it back that afternoon, they contact the Community Center, which begins the search. Jessi is forced to call her aunt Cecelia, who comes over to take charge--and to blame Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey for leaving Jessi in charge for the weekend, and all of them for letting Becca go on the outing.

Jessi's parents come home from their vacation, but Cecelia doesn't leave. When Becca gets back home, she tells Cecelia that their parents gave her permission to go on the boat, so Cecilia knows it's not Jessi's fault.

Stacey's story

Kristy calls Stacey, who's in New York City visiting her father, on Saturday night to let her know about the missing boaters. Stacey wants to return home immediately to help with the search, but her father asks that she stay and go to the theatre as they planned. She finally leaves early on Monday morning, despite her father's wishes. She writes her father a letter on the train, telling him that she resents how he and her mother treat Stacey sometimes. Her mother reads the letter and apologizes for putting Stacey in the middle. Her father also sends Stacey a letter of apology.

Kristy's story

Kristy's softball team, Kristy's Krushers, has a game against Bart's Bashers scheduled for Monday. After her friends disappear, though, Kristy decides to cancel both Monday's game and the Krushers practice planned for Sunday. When she tells Bart Taylor, he thinks she's only cancelling because she doesn't want the Krushers to be embarrassed by losing. She's angry, but can't stop thinking about Bart while she searches. On Monday afternoon he calls her and apologizes, and they plan to reschedule the game. While they're on the phone, the operator cuts into their phone call so Jessi can let Kristy know that all the boaters have been located and are alive.

Other plot information

  • The news media are incredibly obnoxious throughout the book as they harass the families and friends of the missing people. They refer to the incident as The Connecticut Disaster.

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  • Dawn says that she and her family have done lots of sailing in California, and go sailing "almost every time [she] visit[s] them now." Dawn is never seen sailing in any other book, nor does she mention going sailing on any of her visits. The Pikes also are described as great lovers of boating in this book and no other.
  • It is noted that Margo is the only Pike family member that doesn't like boating due to her weak stomach.
  • The French translation of this book by Héritages Jeunesse is titled Les Baby-Sitters sur une île déserte.

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