Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation

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Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation
Author Ann M. Martin
Series Super Special
Tagline Ready,! The Baby-sitters are off for a week of winter fun!
Date Published 1989
Number in Series 3

Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation is the third book in the Baby-sitters Club Super Special series.


Plot synopsis

Stoneybrook Middle School heads to Leicester Lodge in Vermont for their annual Winter Carnival. Mary Anne decides to create a book documenting the trip for Logan, since he is vacationing with his family in Aruba. She asks each BSC member to contribute to her book with their own account of the trip's events. However; just as the BSC is settling in, they find out that a bus from Conway Cove Elementary has crashed a few miles down the road. Kristy volunteers the BSC's services to help rescue and take care of the children during their stay at the Lodge.

Individual plots

Kristy leads the Blue Team in the Winter War and per usual is determined to trounce the competition. Stacey falls in love with a French-Canadian skier named Pierre D'Amboise. Meanwhile, Claudia's superior skiing skills earn her recognition from the much older ski instructor and she is ready for a romance of her own. Dawn is apparently inept at all winter weather activities, and ends up embarrassing herself on more than one occasion. Mary Anne writes letters to Logan and while researching the inn's history finds that it is possibly haunted. Jessi takes on the task of assembling an all-school talent show, and Mallory is content to spend the entire trip compiling a spying journal, just as she did in Baby-sitters on Board!.

Other plot information

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  • This book takes place in between Mallory and the Mystery Diary and Mary Anne and the Great Romance.
  • Each year the entire Stoneybrook Middle School takes a mandatory trip to Leicester Lodge.
  • The students from SMS fill 7 dorm rooms that hold 56 students per room.
  • The Blue Team is comprised of Kristy, Mary Anne, Dawn, Stacey. The Red Team has Claudia, Jessi and Mallory. The Blue Team won overall.
  • In the 8th grade girls dorm, Mary Anne bunks with Dawn, Stacey bunks with Claud, and Kristy feels left out and is forced to bunk with Ashley Wyeth.
  • This book was translated into French by H√©ritages Jeunesse and was titled "Les Baby-Sitters en Vacances d'hiver".
  • Dawn mentions having traveled to Vail, Colorado with her father and Jeff to go skiing.

Pop culture references

Back cover

Every year Stoneybrook Middle School (the whole school!) gets invited to Leicester Lodge in Vermont for a week of winter adventure!

This trip sure isn't like any other! A busload of little kids unexpectedly needs baby-sitters. Mary Anne uncovers a ghost in the lodge. Claudia and Stacey both fall in love with handsome French skiers. Kristy is helping her team win the Winter War...while California Dawn can barely stand up in her skates. And if it doesn't stop snowing, SMS may be snowbound until spring!

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