California Girls!

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California Girls!
Author Ann M. Martin
Series Super Special
Tagline They wish they all could be...
Date Published December 1990
Number in Series 5

California Girls! is the fifth book in the Baby-sitters Club Super Special series.


Plot Synopsis


Mr. Kishi has been buying Claudia tickets for the Jack O'Lottery lotto. Everyone makes fun of Claud, but when they all get tickets and Dawn's ticket has all but one of the winning numbers, they win $10,000 and take a trip to Palo City.

Individual Storylines

Dawn: Dawn has a hard time accepting her father's relationship with Carol Olson and dislikes the amount of time that Carol is spending with the BSC. When Stacey is in an accident, however, Dawn begins to respect Carol as an adult and ends the book on good terms with her.

Jessi: Jessi visits Derek Masters on the set of P.S. 162 and gets the chance to act as an extra in one of the scenes. She flirts with the idea of becoming an actress but later decides to stay loyal to ballet.

Kristy: Kristy observes the casual nature of the We Heart Kids Club and decides to show Sunny, Maggie, and Jill how a real baby-sitter acts by taking a job with two very active, troublesome boys. Kristy finds that she has a hard time handling them, and realizes that she can learn a lot from listening to other baby-sitters.

Mary Anne: Mary Anne babysits for Stephie Roberts, a girl in Dawn's neighborhood who suffers from asthma. Mary Anne is constantly worrying about Stephie having an asthma attack due to activity, but it turns out that Stephie's asthma trigger is emotional situations, and when Mary Anne tells Stephie she has to go back to Connecticut Stephie does have an attack, because she has grown so close to Mary Anne. Once the situation is under control, Mary Anne and Stephie promise to keep in touch.

Stacey: Stacey falls in love with surfing after taking a beginner's surfing lesson. She starts hanging out with some older kids who went to Dawn's school. These kids are reckless drivers and get into a rather serious car accident. Stacey has to go to the emergency room, but she has no serious injuries. She stays away from the surfers for the rest of her vacation.

Claudia: Claudia sees a cute guy, Terry, and wants to get to know him, but she's afraid that he's too smart for her. She spends time trying to study for their conversations, but in she gets to know him better and she shares stories about baby-sitting, art, and Mimi. Claudia and Terry kiss before she goes back to Stoneybrook.

Mallory: Mallory becomes obsessed with the idea of being a California girl, dyes her hair blond and spends all of her money on makeup (leaving her with $6.28 for the rest of the trip). She is upset when she is not chosen for a movie demonstration at Universal Studios or as an extra for P.S. 162. She blames it on being ugly, but Kristy tells her she just doesn't look like herself. So the BSC helps her to buy hair dye that's her natural colour, and Stacey and Claudia buy her makeup from her.


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Triva and Continuity

  • Dawn chooses the chicken meal option on the flight to California, even though the other option is spaghetti.
  • Mallory does not know what athsma is before the BSC learns about Stephie Roberts
  • Kristy sends a postcard home and addresses to "The Brewer and Thomas Family" but does not include Karen and Andrew Brewer on the card. She does, however, send them their own card (at the Big House's address later.
  • Stacey can imitate Porky Pig.
  • In her postcard home, one of the words that Claudia misspells is Bradford Court, the street that she lives on.
  • Kristy believes that she invented baby-sitting clubs.
  • John Pike is referred to (through Mallory's postcard home) as Daniel Pike.
  • Dawn's mother buys the tickets for the BSC, but there is no mention of whether or not she claimed the money on her behalf or whether any taxes had to be paid.
  • Jeff is a big fan of the Grateful Dead. He and his friend have a fight over who is the bigger Deadhead.
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