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Camp Mohawk
Type Summer camp
Address Upstate New York
Employees Mrs. Means (director)
Mr. Means (director)
Miss Dinsmoore (nurse)
Autumn (counselor)
Barbara (counselor)
Charlene (counselor)
Connie (counselor)
Debra (counselor)
Jo (counselor)
Meghan (counselor)
Naomi (counselor)
Seen in SS2

Camp Mohawk is a summer camp in upstate New York where the Baby-sitters Club works as counselors-in-training (CITs) in Super Special #2, Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation. The camp also appears in several Baby-sitters Little Sister books.

Camp Mohawk is divided into a girls' camp and a boys' camp, separated by Lake Dekanawida (also referred to in SS2 as "Lake Dekadonka," "Lake Dukakis" and "Lake Demidonkey"). The girls' side is run by Mrs. Means (nicknamed "Old Meanie"); her husband Mr. Means runs the boys' side.

On each side, campers are assigned to cabins according to their age; for each age, there are two cabins ([age]-A and [age]-B) which actually share the same building.

Camper ages range from six to eleven years old.



Camp Mohawk is in Upstate New York, and according to Dawn (quoting her camper, Heather), it is located in a fairly remote part of the state. It is suggested that the camp is not far from Peacham, Vermont.

Camp Staff

The camp directors are Mr. and Mrs. Means (better known as Old Meanie).

Miss Dinsmoore is the camp nurse; there is also a doctor that visits the camp, though the doctor isn't there every day.

Each cabin has a counselor plus two CITs. The minimum age to be a CIT is 13; it appears that counselors have to have at least one year of being a CIT before they are promoted.

Counselors staff the various activities plus places such as the canteen.

CITs assist the counselors where necessary; the job is described as being "all the fun of being a camper, plus extra privileges, and all the privileges of being a counselor, plus extra fun."SS2 Privileges include having coed movie nights and dances.

Mrs. Means ends up creating the position of Junior CITs for Mallory and Jessi, who are too young to be CITs and in fact go to camp as regular campers. Because of their babysitting experience, they are allowed to help one of the 8-year-old cabins with their routine for Parents' Day.


There are six cabins, one for each age group; each larger cabin is actually two smaller cabins side by side which share a porch. The porch on Mary Anne's cabin includes a swing. The buildings and their furnishings are made entirely of wood.

Inside each small cabin there are four sets of bunk beds, three for the campers and one for the CITs to share. Each counselor gets his or her own bed with a curtain to draw around it for privacy.

Each cabin has one closet; in Claudia's cabin, her counselor has everyone store their suitcases in the closet to help keep the cabin neater. By each bunk are shelves on which to store personal items; each person gets three shelves to use.

There are no bathrooms in the cabins; there are two communal bathrooms behind the buildings.

Other Camp Buildings and Areas

  • Canteen - The canteen is where people can buy postcards, toothpaste, candy, etc. It is staffed by counselors and opens precisely at nine, as noted by Claudia. Some of the snacks that can be bought at the canteen include M&Ms, licorice sticks, Snickers Bars, Almond Joys, Ring-Dings, peanut butter crackers, fake apple pies, Mars Bars, Doritos, Twinkies, and Cheese Doodles, as seen when Claudia, Haley Braddock, Vanessa Pike, and Sally Troner visit the canteen after breakfast one day.
  • Amphitheater - The open-air area where the Parents' Day performances are held, plus other activities during camp.
  • Lake Dekanawida
  • Arts and Crafts Cabin
  • Nature Cabin
  • Stables
  • Mess Hall
  • Mohawk Meadow - This is the main gathering place when everyone first arrives, as well as for the group sing on the first night. As Stacey discovers, Mohawk Meadow has a patch of poison ivy on its edge.
  • Mrs. Means' Office
  • Mrs. Means' Cabin
  • Recreation Hall - According to Mallory, this "is a large (wooden) building that is empty except for a Ping-Pong table and an air hockey game. The rest of it is used for watching movies or playing games on rainy days, for parties, for dances for the CITs and counselors, and for rehearsals. That's what Autumn told us." It is also where Mallory and Jessi rehearse the 8-year-olds for Parents' Day.
  • Infirmary
  • Woods surround the camp
  • The boys' side of camp is very similar to the girls' side. The path between them, around the lake, doesn't have any turnoffs, so it's easy for someone to, say, traverse it in the dark. The map included with the book supposedly was drawn by Randi for when Mary Anne tries to sneak over to the boys' side.

Typical Day at Camp Mohawk

Wake-up is at 7; Mrs. Means gets on the PA system and announces what day it is, when breakfast will be served, and what it will be. During the day, campers have scheduled and unscheduled activities that are run by their counselors and CITs. At night, Mrs. Means and the head counselors do bed checks at 9:30 to make sure everyone's in their bunks. Older campers and CITs get back up afterward.


There is no shortage of activities to do at Camp Mohawk.

  • Water activities at Lake Dekanawida:
    • Swimming
      • Mandatory lessons: Campers are divided into swimming groups based on their level of ability; those who can't swim at all are in the "Iroquois" group. A swimmer who earns a Hiawatha badge (like Logan and Kristy) is allowed to do any water sports.
      • Open swim every afternoon
    • Learn to canoe
    • Row a boat
    • Sailing
    • Water-skiing
  • Arts and Crafts:
  • Nature cabin:
    • They sponsor butterfly hunting (Margo Pike and Nancy Dawes look forward to that)
    • The nature counselor is to give an astronomy talk, followed by shooting star viewing (rained out when the BSC attends)
    • Nature walks
    • Movies about nature
  • Horseback riding
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Archery
  • Softball (Kristy mentions in her postcard to Bart Taylor that her players are getting in plenty of practice while at camp)
  • Volleyball (Charlotte Johanssen is afraid of the ball)
  • Actual camping experience for the oldest (11-year-old) campers
  • The cabins can even schedule their own activities, so for example when the astronomy talk is rained out, cabins 11-A and 11-B plan to have a marathon Monopoly game. Unfortunately, that is canceled when Mrs. Means has to tell Charlene that her mother is sick.


Meals are eaten in the Mess Hall, with each set of cabins eating together, i.e., the 6-year-olds, their CITs, and their counselors share one table; the 7-year-olds share another table; etc. These tables therefore must be big enough to hold 18 people.

Several meals are mentioned:

  • Saturday (first night) dinner: Meat loaf, carrots, candied sweet potato, honeyed biscuit; Stacey has to get a clean plate and replacement food (meat, carrots, apple, sugar-free whole-wheat muffin)
  • 1st week Tuesday breakfast: "Honeyed biscuits left over from Saturday, sunnyside-up eggs that slid around on our plates, and black things that might have been English muffins, but it was hard to tell."SS2
  • 1st week Friday lunch (boys' side): Includes peas and creamed corn (mentioned when Logan starts the food fight), muffins, Coke, milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plus relish and mustard
  • 2nd week Monday's hike dinner (Dawn's group only): Hot dogs, beans, water from canteens, marshmallows/s'mores fixings
  • 2nd week Tuesday's hike breakfast (Dawn's group only): Granola bars
  • 2nd week Wednesday dinner: Vegetable burgers (which Kristy wonders, who would eat them?); the CIT dance has punch and brownies
  • 2nd week Saturday (Parents' Day) lunch: Vegetable burgers, ice cream sundaes

Camping Experience

The oldest campers get to take an overnight camping trip into the woods surrounding Camp Mohawk. Each 11-year-old cabin takes the trip on consecutive nights. The groups follow the same route time and time again and are supposed to follow piles of rocks known as cairns, which point the right way to go. The various other paths are used by younger groups on nature walks/short day hikes. The campsite, according to Dawn, "is about five miles from the center of Mohawk."SS2 Once situated, ghost stories are told around the campfire.

Items the groups bring on the trip include backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, food, cooking equipment, a first aid kit, canteens, and a compass.

Dawn's group leaves right after lunch on the second Monday. Unfortunately, one of the cairns has fallen over, the group gets lost, and they end up spending two nights out in the woods, returning to camp on Wednesday.

Christmas at Camp

During each two-week session, one half of a cabin surprises the other half with Christmas in the summer, sneaking in and decorating--small stockings on each bunk, a little tree decorated with tinsel, a jar of candy canes, a wreath on the door, even fake snow in the form of baby powder on the porch. Cabin 6-A surprises Cabin 6-B (Stacey's group) on Thursday morning of the second week.

Parents' Day

Parents' Day is the Saturday at the end of the second week, presumably of each session of camp. It is a day where parents come to pick up their campers to take them home, as well as when the campers put on a show for their families. Every campers is involved in Parents' Day performances in some form, whether on stage or behind the scenes. Counselors help keep things organized backstage. Shows are put on in the camp amphitheater, which is outdoors, as it is the only place large enough to accommodate the crowd. Unfortunately, this means that a number of past shows have been rained out.

The parents start arriving at 10 AM; lunch is at 12 PM; the program starts at 2 PM. Once the show is over, campers return to their cabins to pack and when they are done, they may leave.

The Parents' Day in SS2 includes the following performances:

  • Cabins 10-A and 10-B perform a medley of songs.
  • The 6-year-olds perform a short skit.
  • The 9-year-olds perform a scene from Annie.
  • Cabin 8-B performs the skit that Junior CITs Jessi and Mallory wrote.


Camp Mohawk holds several two-week sessions throughout the summer.

The camp's symbol is a teepee, although Stacey notes that the Mohawk tribe of American Indians are part of the Iroquois nation, which have historically lived in longhouses, not teepees. Nevertheless, the symbol is on all parts of the camp uniform, required to be worn by all campers and counselors.

The camp bears some resemblance to the camp attended by the protagonist of Bummer Summer, one of Ann M. Martin's novels set outside the BSC universe.

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