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Baby-sitters Club  character
Claudia Lynn Kishi
From the cover of Claudia's Book
Full Name Claudia Lynn Kishi
Title Vice-President
Age 12/13
Birthday July 11, 4:36 AM
School SMS
Grade 7/8
Joins In 1
Leaves In Graduation Day
Family The Kishis
Dates Trevor Sandbourne
Austin Bentley
Traits creative, artistic, loves junk food, terrible at school and spelling
Portrayed on TV by Jeni F. Winslow
Portrayed in Film by Tricia Joe

Claudia Lynn Kishi is the Vice-President of the Baby-sitters Club.

She is creative and artistic. Her hobbies include eating junk food, reading Nancy Drew novels, and being an artist. She is well known for her quirky and eccentric fashion choices, such as wearing, an "outrageous red felt hat" and skeleton earrings. The only Asian American (2nd generation Japanese American) member in the club, she is often described as being "exotic" and having "almond shaped eyes."

She takes many different kinds of art classes during the series, ranging from pottery classes to workshops. In 101, she is the youngest person admitted to participate in a "master's class" with renown artist Serena McKay. She also studied in New York City with Mackenzie Clark in Super Special #6, New York, New York!, but the majority of her classes are at the Stoneybrook Community Center.

She is good at sailing and skiing.

Claudia claims that she is intelligent but doesn't apply herself. Because of this, she is sent back to seventh grade for part of the series.



Claudia Kishi has a close, nuclear family. Her mother is the Head Librarian at the Stoneybrook Public Library. Her father is an investment banker. She has one sister, Janine Kishi. Her grandmother Mimi Yamamoto lived with the Kishis until her death in Claudia and the Sad Goodbye. In 109, Claudia described Mimi's initial stroke in 7 as her "scariest moment".

She has an aunt called Peaches who is married to a man named Russ.

Her family takes a ski trip every winter to Vermont.

Social life

At the beginning of the series, Claudia is described as slightly more mature than Kristy and Mary Anne because of her interest in clothes, make-up, and boys. Claudia is shown socializing with people who are not in the BSC; however, this sometimes causes strife in the club. Her friend Ashley Wyeth tries to separate her from the BSC, citing that Claudia needs to focus more on her art.

Claudia goes out with many different guys throughout the course of the series. She goes to the Halloween Hop with Trevor Sandbourne in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls.

Her vacation boyfriends include Terry, from California; Tim Carmody, a boy she meets at Disney World in Baby-sitters on Board!; and Will Yamakawa, whom she meets at Camp Mohawk.

Claudia had previously attended camp at the age of seven.SS2

After she has to return to seventh grade, she becomes a sort of goddess to the seventh graders and they copy her outfits and hairstyles. She is not allowed, however, to attend the eighth grade dance. She instead has to attend the sixth and seventh graders' afternoon party and refuses to join even the pumpkin-carving contest. After depression over this and lack of use for her punk girl costume, complete with nosering, she dresses as a scarecrow for the Hospital Buddies party.

While in the seventh grade, Claudia begins dating a seventh-grader named Mark Jaffe, but breaks up with him in 113. She then begins dating her friend Josh Rocker.

She participates in Battle of the Bakers in M21.


Claudia is pulled out of eighth grade and made to repeat seventh in Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout. In this book, Claudia's family hires a tutor, Rosa, but it doesn't help. According to Rosa, Claudia is "intelligent, but lazy, sloppy, has terrible study habits." She wins first prize in the art show and then donates her painting to the Stoneybrook General Hospital children's wing.

In 113, Claudia Makes Up Her Mind, Claudia is doing very well as a seventh grader both academically (including a perfect score on a math test) and socially; she has many seventh-grade friends and signs up to be a seventh-grade events coordinator for the SMS Color War. When she is offered the chance to move back into the eighth grade, she deliberates for quite awhile before finally making up her mind to become an eighth-grader again.


Claudia takes a general art class at the Stoneybrook Arts Center in 12. Her teacher is Ms. Baer. This is where she meets Ashley Wyeth.

In SS6, Claudia takes art classes at the Fine Arts League of New York (FALNY) with Mallory. Their instructor, a famous artist named McKenzie Clarke, praises Claudia's potential, but encourages her to be more dedicated.

In Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout, Claudia is accepted into Serena McKay's special advanced art class. She is the youngest in the class.

She carries her art supplies in a red plastic tackle box.

Purple is Claudia's favorite color.

Among her many other artistic talents, she is very good at snow sculpture. She also owns a bead-making kit.

In 113, Claudia volunteers as the artist for a portrait-drawing competition as part of the schoolwide Colour War, and wins the event with her drawing of Bonnie Lasher (beating Alan Gray and a sixth-grader named Nicole).

Joan Miro is one of Claudia's favorite artists.

In 48, she volunteers to help teach an art class for seven-year-olds at the Stoneybrook Community Center.


Claudia believes in Found Fashion: she finds funky-looking things in thrift stores and fashions them into cool outfits.

Fan response

Her attire is beloved and bemoaned by fans. Some call her "fashion forward" while others think her outfits are impractical, ugly, and slightly crazy.

Claudia also makes a lot of her own outfits and jewelry.

Her poor spelling is often criticized as being unrealistic, due to the fact that she will spell things correctly at one point, and then wrong at others. This could be due to her carelessness at all things academic.

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