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Baby-sitters Club  character
Kristin Amanda Thomas
From Kristy's Book
Full Name Kristin Amanda Thomas
Title President
Age 12/13
Birthday August 20, 4:00 AM
School SMS
Grade 7/8
Joins In 1
Leaves In Graduation Day
Family The Brewers
Patrick Thomas
Dates Bart Taylor
Traits bossy, athletic, lots of "great ideas"
Portrayed on TV by Avriel Hillman
Portrayed in Film by Schuyler Fisk

Kristin Amanda Thomas is President of the Baby-Sitters Club. She is described as athletic, outgoing, and slightly bossy.

In #1, Kristy's Great Idea, she came up with the idea of the club. Because of that, she was elected President. She also came up with the idea for the club notebook after sitting for two St Bernard dogs, Pinky and Buffy.



In the first few books, she is described as someone who doesn't care too much about clothes and make-up, but doesn't hate the idea. Later in the series, she is always described as wearing jeans, a turtleneck shirt and a sweater or sweatshirt. She is five feet tall and the shortest person in her grade.


According to #101, Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout, she has a weak stomach for scars and blood. She is left-handed. She hates squirrels and loose teeth.

Kristy is known for her "great ideas" (with the BSC being the biggest example). Her friends call her the "Idea Machine."

Kristy typically does well academically (she got her "usual" straight A's on her report card at the end of seventh grade in 1).


Kristy's family is described as "blended." She has two older brothers, Sam Thomas and Charlie Thomas and a younger brother David Michael Thomas. Her mother Elizabeth Thomas married Watson Brewer in #6, Kristy's Big Day. After the wedding, Kristy and her family moved across town to the Brewer mansion, which he shares on the weekend with his children Karen Brewer and Andrew Brewer. In #24, Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise, Elizabeth and Watson adopt a two year old from Vietnam and name her Emily Michelle Brewer.


Kristy's collie Louie dies in Kristy and the Snobs. Her family then is given a Bernese Mountain Dog from Shannon Kilbourne. David Michael names the puppy Shannon, in honor of Shannon-the-Person.

Watson has a cat named Boo Boo. After Boo Boo dies, they get a new cat, Pumpkin. There are also two goldfish who live at Watson's who belong to Karen and Andrew. Their names are Crystal Light the Second and Goldfishie. Karen and Andrew also have two pets who travel back and forth with them: Emily Junior and Bob the Hermit Crab.

Social life

Kristy went to the Halloween Hop with Alan Gray in 2. This relationship soon fizzled out, and in Kristy and the Walking Disaster, she meets Bart Taylor, who is the coach of Bart's Bashers, the rival of Kristy's Krushers. They date casually for a while, and then in Kristy + Bart = ?, Bart wants to get a bit more serious than Kristy would like and they break up for good. In Baby-sitters' European Vacation, Kristy meets Michel DuMoulin, a French Canadian. They triumph over Michel's love for the Blue Jays and fondness for playing the harmonica in public places to earn Kristy her first Vacation Boyfriend, a common BSC phenomenon.

She dresses up as the Wolf, with Mary Anne Spier as Little Red Riding Hood, in Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout.

Kristy is often jealous of Dawn Schafer's friendship with Mary Anne Spier.


In Kristy and the Walking Disaster, Kristy came up with the idea for a softball team for kids who were too young or unskilled for Little League. They named the team Kristy's Krushers.

Kristy tries out for the SMS girls' softball team in 74 and makes the team. In #129, Kristy at Bat, tryouts are held again, but Kristy is sure of her spot on the team and doesn't put forth her best effort; as a result, she's placed on the second-string team (as an outfielder in the left field).

Also in 129, she and Watson attend a father-daughter week at Bill Bain's Baseball Dream Camp in Delaware; Kristy wins the "Best Coach" award there.

Kristy's favorite softball position is first base. One of her earliest memories is of her dad tossing a Wiffle ball to her while she stood with a little plastic bat, when she was three. The first time she went to Shea Stadium was to a night game with her dad and her brothers Sam and Charlie. She has seen the movie A League of Their Own about six times.


Kristy replaced Ms. Walden, her gym teacher, for three days as part of the Teachers of Tomorrow program at SMS in 122.

Kristy was a CIT at Camp Mohawk in SS2. While there, she earns her Hiawatha badge, meaning she is allowed to do any water sports she wants. Her fellow CITs, Tansy, Lauren, and Izzie, make her over for the CIT dance; in the book's epilogue, Stacey mentions that Kristy will occasionally wear mascara in case she runs into Bart.


Kristy has English class right after lunch.

  • Her name in Quebec hériatges éditions is Christine Thomas
  • Her name in the galimard jeunesse book is Kristy Parker
  • Her name in the chantecler editon is Valérie Demoulin

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