Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn

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Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn
Author Ann M. Martin
Series Regular
Tagline Everybody in Stoneybrook has gone beauty-pageant crazy!
Number of Pages 144
Date Published August 1988
Number in Series 15

Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn is the fifteenth book in the Baby-sitters Club series.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

Claudia takes a job with Charlotte Johanssen without offering it to the other members because Charlotte, missing Stacey, asked especially for Claudia to be her sitter. This leads the other members, feeling inferior, to recount their own sitting highlights. When Mrs. Pike calls to ask Dawn specifically (because Dawn lives close enough to not need a ride) if she would be willing to help Claire and Margo Pike prepare to compete in the upcoming Little Miss Stoneybrook beauty pageant, Dawn accepts the job, hoping to prove what a good sitter she is to the others.

Dawn has her first pageant prep session with Claire and Margo and is dismayed at their lack of talent. Kristy, Mary Anne and Claudia become pageant coaches to Karen Brewer, Myriah Perkins and Charlotte, respectively, with various degrees of convincing on the parts of the sitters. Mallory and Jessi sit for the Pikes and observe lots of bickering and sabotage between Claire and Margo as the girls rehearse.

Dawn is dismayed and irritated that the other sitters won't reveal anything about their own charges' preparations for the pageant, since they all know what Claire and Margo are planning. Claudia and Charlotte come over to the Pikes to spy on the dress rehearsal Dawn is holding.

The pageant finally arrives. All the girls survive the introductory section, but Charlotte suffers stage fright and runs off the stage during the talent portion; her parents have to take her home. In the following question-and-answer segment, Claire, Karen and Margo all give imperfect answers and are knocked out of the running (Margo actually can't think of any answer, her "global peace" fallback having been used by Sabrina Bouvier, the highly-trained and loathsome contestant that preceded her). Myriah ends up wnning first runner-up and is quite pleased, while the Little Miss Stoneybrook crown goes to Sabrina Bouvier. The sitters reconcile with each other and try to cheer up their losing charges.

At the end of the book, Claire calls to ask Dawn to help her enter the Beautiful Child contest at Bellair's Department Store, and Dawn agrees (but we never hear anything further about it).

For details about the pageant and each contestant's performance, see Little Miss Stoneybrook.

Secondary plot

Jeff Schafer is still having problems adjusting to life in Connecticut. His teacher Ms. Besser calls Mrs. Schafer to tell her about a fight Jeff had with his classmate Jerry Haney; before his mother can reprimand him, Jeff tells her and Dawn that he feels angry all the time and he thinks he'd stop being rude and getting into fights if he could try moving back to California for six months. His parents agree to let him move back for a trial; Dawn is very upset, especially at how eager Jeff is to leave. She waits awhile before telling the rest of the club (besides Mary Anne) that Jeff is leaving. He leaves on a plane the night before the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant. Soon afterward, Jeff calls from California and tells Dawn he's doing well and feeling much happier.

Other plot information

  • The book begins (after introducing the club and its members) with Mallory and Jessi's induction as junior officers of the club. Dawn is miffed that there was no ceremony for her own induction.
  • Kristy plays Let's All Come In with her siblings. Karen plays Mrs. Mysterious; Andrew is a sailor until David Michael, as the Bell Captain, convinces Andrew to go be a pirate with him.
  • Charlotte and Claudia call Stacey from Claudia's house.

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Things in this book

Notable fashion


  • The introduction to how the club works and who the members are comes only a few paragraphs into this book, instead of in chapter 2 where it's normally found.
  • Jeff initially asks to move back to California only for six months, just as a trial; later in the series, Dawn will go to California for a six-month vacation and then decide shortly afterward that she needs to move back permanently.
  • This is one of two books depicting David Michael's love affair with the pirate name "Old Bad John" (the other is SS1).
  • Mrs. Schafer mentions that Jack Schafer needs to "find a housekeeper" before Jeff can move back; that housekeeper will, of course, be Mrs. Bruen.
  • Jeff flies to Los Angeles instead of to the John Wayne-Orange County Airport, seen in later books.
  • This book was translated in French by Héritages Jeunesse and its title is "Diane... et la jeune Miss Nouville"
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