Logan's Story

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Logan's Story
Author Peter Lerangis
Series Readers' Request
Tagline Nobody's going to call Logan a girl and get away with it!
Number of Pages 136
Date Published June 1992

Logan's Story is the first book narrated by Logan Bruno.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

Logan has kept his job as a baby-sitter quiet until now, when a family emergency forces Dawn to return to California for a while and Logan has to take her spot. The stress of sitting on top of football practice and the upcoming track tryouts causes Logan to quit the BSC entirely, but by the end of the book he returns as an associate member.

Secondary plot

The sitters participate in a health fair at a local mall.

Other plot information

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Things in this book

Notable fashion

  • Chapter 2 descriptions:
    • Logan says, "Mary Anne looks and dresses her age now."
    • He describes Kristy as similar to Mary Anne, "but Kristy's shorter and not as clothes-conscious. Now, Mary Anne is not exactly into high fashion, but to Kristy, anything besides jeans and a turtleneck is dressing up."
    • Claudia "looks like a model...[and] also has a really hip, sexy way of dressing." He then goes on to say, "Okay, time out. Let me say right here that I am just describing. Mary Anne is my girlfriend, but that doesn't mean I can't say positive things about someone else's looks."
    • Stacey "dresses great, like Claudia, except her clothes are maybe less wild and more sophisticated."
  • During Logan's first sitting job for the Hobarts, Johnny wears a coonskin cap that he takes off and gives to Logan.
  • When Mary Anne goes to sit for the Prezziosos, Mrs. Prezzioso, who had recently given birth to Andrea, answers the door "wearing a long, flowing, silk dress," then asks Mary Anne, "Do I still look like a blimp?" She is relieved when Mary Anne tells her she looks "normal." Mr. Prezzioso wears a suit and tie. Jenny is still in Laura Ashley pajamas, but changes into a new sweatsuit and sneakers.
  • Clarence King, Pete Black, Harry Nolan, and Irv Hirsch attend the fair still in their football uniforms.


  • When Logan gets back from football practice in the first chapter, Hunter tells him that their mom is making chicken and ribs for dinner. Logan tells the reader, "There is nothing like a good Kentucky barbecue, and my parents make the best. (Dad does the grilling, and Mom makes the sauce from scratch.) It's pig heaven."
  • Logan describes Shannon Kilbourne and himself as the "irregulars" of the BSC, after describing the regular members in Chapter 2.
  • While discussing the roles the various sitters have in the group, he says, "If the Baby-sitters Club were a baseball team, Kristy would be the manager and Mary Anne would be the team statistician. Claudia would design the stadium and the uniforms. And Stacey would sign the checks." The other sitters aren't mentioned in this analogy.
  • Jeff has an appendectomy, which is what causes Dawn and Sharon to go out of town.
  • To celebrate Logan's promotion to full-time club member, Claudia passes out chocolate marshmallow cookies and tortilla chips ("For the health-food crowd").
  • That same meeting is awkward for a while until Stacey says, "Come on, guys! Loosen up a little. Just 'cause there's a guy in here--" Mary Anne interrupts by saying, "He's not a guy! He's Logan!"
  • To razz Logan, several boys on the football team call him Lois, started by Peter Hayes.
  • Members of the football team, coached by Coach Mills:
  • The boys who make the track team, coached by Coach Leavitt (and what, if known, they tried out for):
  • The boys who try out but don't make it:
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