Mary Anne's Makeover

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Mary Anne's Makeover
Author Peter Lerangis
Series Regular
Tagline Everyone loves the new Mary Anne - except the BSC.
Date Published December 1992
Number in Series 60

Mary Anne's Makeover is the 60th book in the Baby-sitters Club series.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

Mary Anne sees a short haircut that she likes in a magazine, but the other sitters think she's silly for considering it. Still, she asks her dad for permission to get the cut and he says yes, and they agree to go to the mall on Saturday for the haircut and to spend the day together. He also agrees to Mary Anne's request to keep the cut a surprise for Dawn and Sharon.

Mary Anne and Richard spend the day at the mall getting the haircut and a makeover, having lunch and shopping for new clothes for Mary Anne. When they get home, Dawn is very unenthusiastic about Mary Anne's new look. She spoils Mary Anne's intention to surprise Logan with it the next day. Logan loves the new style, and Mary Anne gets lots of compliments at school, but Kristy, Stacey and Claudia are as aloof as Dawn (who, again, told them about it before Mary Anne could show them).

The sitters continue to be cold. Mary Anne starts hearing rumors, which she dismisses, that high school boys are asking about her. Because her other friends are being so rude, she starts spending all her time with Logan, and then they imply that she ditched them to be with him. She starts skipping BSC meetings to avoid them. A rumor spreads that Carlos Mendez, an SHS student, asked Mary Anne to the Winter Dance and she said yes. Logan believes the rumor, but Mary Anne sets him straight. It is revealed at the Winter Dance that Carlos is the boyfriend of Sabrina Bouvier, who started the rumours.

Mary Anne and Dawn have a big fight where Dawn accuses her again of ignoring her friends to hang out with Logan, and Mary Anne accuses her of being jealous of her haircut and clothes. Dawn admits she was mad that Mary Anne hadn't told her about the makeover beforehand and jealous of the time Mary Anne was spending with her father, and apologizes. Mary Anne goes to the next BSC meeting and reconciles with Kristy, Claudia and Stacey.

Secondary plot

Inspired by Back to the Future, Carolyn Arnold is working on inventing a time machine in her basement. While Claudia is sitting for the Arnolds, Marilyn invites the Braddocks over and she, Haley and Matt spy on Carolyn while she's working. Carolyn announces that she's overcome the final obstacles and the machine will soon be ready. She starts booking time-travel resevations with neighborhood kids, for a $1 fee. As she's about to send Marilyn on the machine's first flight, she panics, knowing it won't work, but Mary Anne convinces her that she and her friends can still have pretend adventures--but that Carolyn should return their money. Everyone has fun playing with the machine.

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Things in this book

Notable fashion

  • Mary Anne admires a "long, flowing, pastel paisley print shift with a scoop neck, cinched at the waist" she sees in a magazine.
  • Mary Anne buys "a fiery red, off-the-shoulder crepe dress, with shirred sleeves, a fitted bodice, and a skirt that flared to mid-calf"; "an oversized, indigo cable-knit sweater"; and "a pair of floral paisley print Lycra leggings with a French terry top" at Steven E.
  • For the January Jamboree, Dawn wears "[a dress] made of black velvet, with a sheer bodice trimmed with beading and lace, and a flared, above-knee skirt; black stockings and shoes; and her hair pulled up in a French braid."


  • Mallory and Jessi are almost completely absent from this book after the first BSC meeting. Mallory's only other in-person appearance is at the meeting where Mary Anne returns to the club, where she and Jessi are described as "innocent bystanders" throughout the whole ordeal. Jessi sits for the Arnold twins but doesn't have any other interaction with Mary Anne or the club members.
  • Dawn's jealousy of Mary Anne's time with her father Richard foreshadows her six-month visit to California in 67 (and her subsequent move back permanently).
  • Richard Spier is revealed to be a knowledgeable jazz fan.
  • Mary Anne mentions that Gloriana's House of Hair "destroyed poor Karen Brewer's hair" when her father suggests she get her hair cut at the place in town, not all the way out at Washington Mall. Later, once Mary Anne and Richard return home, Dawn snidely asks if Mary Anne had gone to Gloriana's.
  • The picture on the cover has the same background (the lockers, yellow wall, fire extinguisher) as shown on the cover of Kristy and the Middle School Vandal.
  • This Book was translted in French By Héritages Jeunsesse and was named "La Nouvelle Anne-Marie."

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