Mrs. George

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Mrs. George
Age 44-58
Appears in SS3
Occupation Lodge owner
Employer Leicester Lodge
Spouse Thomas George
Children At least one son

Mrs. George is the wife of Thomas George and the co-owner of the Leicester Lodge in Hooksett Crossing, Vermont.

The Georges bought the lodge in 1963; lodge housekeeper Marie Castleman says that the Georges weren't born yet when she began working at the lodge in 1930. Since SS3 was published in 1989, this means the Georges are probably between 44 and 58 years old.

The Georges enjoy being able to give students an away-from-home experience at the lodge. In the case of SMS, students' parents are asked to make a donation to the Winter Carnival fund, but the Georges make up for any shortfall in funds.

Mr. and Mrs. George bought an old school bus eight years before the events of SS3 for use in lodge emergencies; Mr. George is seen driving the bus (to rescue the children from Conway Cove Elementary) and Mrs. George says that their son thought they were foolish to buy it, but "it's come in handy more than once."

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