New York, New York!

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New York, New York!
Author Ann M. Martin
Series Super Special
Tagline They're not sleeping till they see all of it
Date Published June 1991
Number in Series 6

New York, New York! is the sixth book in the Baby-sitters Club Super Special series.


Plot Synopsis


Claudia discovers an art class that she wants to go to in New York. Mallory (also interested in drawing asks to go on the class too). Stacey was visiting her dad anyway and the rest of the club all decide to go there for a holiday at the same time. Stacey, Dawn and Claudia stay at Stacey's Dad's appartment and Mary Anne, Kristy, Mallory and Jessi stay in the Dakota where Stacey's friend Laine Cummings lives. Claudia asks her friends to keep a diary to keep track of their New York trip.

Claudia's Story

She starts classes at at FALNY and her tutor (Mackenzie Clark) is constantly criticising her work but encouraging Mallory. She gets very angry and jealous of Mallory but then discovers that he had only been negative because he knew she was extremely talented and wanted her to focus more on her art work.

Kristy's Story

She goes on a walk with Jessi in Central Park and finds a stray dog that reminds her of her old collie Louie. She keeps him secretly in Laine's appartment until Laine finds out and tells her that she needs to do something about it. She phones her mum to ask if she can keep him but her mum says no. So, she takes him to the vet and then puts an advert in the paper to see if anyone wants a dog. A man adopts him for his son. She calls the dog Sonny for Son of Louie.

Mary Anne and Stacey's Story

They are hired to show the city to the children of two British diplomats (Alistair and Rowena). They take them to all of the tourist sites that children would like. They keep on seeing a man everywhere they go and think that they are being followed but it turns out that the man's name is Bill and he is the bodyguard of Alistair and Rowena.

Dawn's Story

Dawn is terrified the entire time she is in the city. She spends most of the first week hiding in the appartment, afraid to go anywhere. She then meets Ritchie, a boy from the appartment block who has broken his ankle, she spends lots of time talking to him in the fire escape and when he gets his cast off he persuades her to let him show her the city. She goes with him for the day and has a good time.

Jessi's Story

Jessi goes to see a ballet performance and meets a boy ballenrina called Quint, she gets on well with him and they enjoy talking about their favourite dancers. He has been accepted into Julliard but doesn't want to go as he believes that the children in his neighbourhood will make fun of him. She persuades him to go to Julliard to study and not let it matter what the other children think. He also gives her her first kiss.

Mallory's Story

Mallory goes to the same art class as Claudia. However, MacKenzie is much nicer to her, she finds out eventually that she doesn't and will never have Claudia's talent. She isn't upset as she decides that she doesn't want to be a professional artist, she only wants to illustrate books.

Other Plot Information

Clients in this book

There are no clients from Stoneybrook in this book but Mary Anne and Stacey babysit children from England called Alistair and Rowena.

Other Characters

Laine and her parents are mentioned in this book as four of the babysitters are staying with them in the Dakota. Laine also accompanied them to a show in a limo on their last night.

Mr McGill is in this book and he takes them out to China Town for dinner.

MacKenzie Clark is the art tutor for Claudia and Mallory. He bonds with Mallory over an interest in books.

Ritchie is the boy that Dawn be-friends when she is too scared to leave the house

Rowena and Alistair are the English children Stacey and Mary Anne look after. Bill is their bodyguard.

Quint is the boy ballerina that Jessi meets.

Places in this book

They go to many different places in New York. They all go to China Town for dinner and on the last night Tavern on the Green and Broadway to watch a show. Additionally on Mallory and Claudia's days off from the art class they all go on a boat tour of Manhatten and to South Street Seaport. Claudia and Mallory go to the Rockefeller Centre and the Cloisters on field trips with their art class. Stacey and Mary Anne take the children to Central Park, a steet fair and FAO Schwarz. Jessi goes to see the Lincoln Centre. Kristy and Jessi visit Central Park.

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