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Baby-sitters Club  character
Anastasia Elizabeth McGill
From the cover of Stacey's Book
Full Name Anastasia Elizabeth McGill
Title Treasurer
Age 13 (book #6)
Birthday April 3, 2:22 AM
Joins In 1, 28, 87
Leaves In 13, 83, Graduation Day
Dates Sam Thomas; Ethan Carroll, Robert Brewster, Toby, Jeremy Rudolph
Traits sophisticated, mature, boy-crazy, likes math
Portrayed on TV by Jessica Prunell
Portrayed in Film by Bre Blair

Stacey McGill is the treasurer of the Baby-sitters Club. She is described as sophisticated, with blonde hair that she perms at the beginning of the series. Her fashion sense is trendy, with an eye for style. Stacey is a New Yorker at heart, having grown up in the city.

She is the only member of the BSC who suffers from diabetes. She is a "brittle diabetic" and has to inject herself daily with insulin. She refuses to let it take over her life, and keeps a positive outlook.

She is the treasurer because she likes math. This is also something that she has in common with Sam Thomas.



At the beginning of the series, Stacey moves to Stoneybrook with both of her parents. At the end of Book #13, Good-bye, Stacey, Good-bye, she moves back to the City until her parents divorce in book 28, Welcome Back, Stacey! For the remainder of the series, she lives in Stoneybrook with just her mother, in the house behind Mallory Pike's. Her parents' divorce causes her lots of problems, with her parents putting her in the middle of their arguments.

Her mother, Maureen Spencer, works at Bellairs Department store after the divorce as a buyer. Pre-divorce, she spent a lot of time shopping at expensive stores.

Her father, Edward McGill, is a workaholic. He works as a corporate lawyer and was promoted to Vice President of his company.

Social life

Stacey is the boy-crazy one. She has many vacation boyfriends, the first being Toby, whom she meets during her trip to Sea City as a baby-sitter for the Pikes.

Her first long-term boyfriend is Robert Brewster; after they break up, she begins dating Ethan Carroll, a New Yorker.

In Stacey's Big Crush, she develops a huge crush on Wesley Ellenburg, her student teacher.

In Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, all of her former boyfriends, minus some vacation boyfriends who couldn't make it, reunite at the party for Mr. Zizmore.

She is going to be a flapper for the Halloween Dance in Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout.

Relationship with Sam Thomas

Relationship with Robert

Relationship with Ethan

Fashion sense

In 109, Stacey's recent fashion trends are described as "angular" and "urban." She likes to wear black because it "sets off" her blonde hair.(citation needed) She and Claudia are both considered the fashion plates of the BSC, but Stacey is more about the latest trends and designer clothes.


In 122, Stacey teaches Mr. Peters' seventh-grade math class for three days as part of the Teachers of Tomorrow program at SMS.


  • Stacey's favorite color is pink.
  • Her "scariest moment" was when she was hospitalized in 43 for her diabetes.
  • She has called her parents divorce both "the Big D" and "the Big Chill"
  • Stacey hates seeing people throw up. This is often mentioned in the books where she goes to Sea City with the Pikes.
  • She is a CIT at Camp Mohawk in SS2, where one of her campers is Karen Brewer. She ends up spending several days in the infirmary after coming down with poison ivy, bad mosquito bites, pinkeye, a cold, and a nervous stomach from worrying she'd had something more seriously wrong with her.

New York Life

  • She used to live in an apartment on West 81st Street, in Manhattan.
  • The grocer around the corner from her old apartment used to call Stacey "Toots"
  • A typical summer day when she was in NYC consisted of: tennis lessons in Central Park, weekend trips to Jones Beach, browsing in the Columbus Avenue shops, visiting Soho art galleries, lunching with her mother and friends at the Garden Cafe in the Museum of Natural History

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