Starring the Baby-sitters Club!

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Starring the Baby-sitters Club!
Author Ann M. Martin
Series Super Special
Tagline It's showtime -
Date Published December 1992
Number in Series 9

Starring the Baby-sitters Club! is the ninth book in the Baby-sitters Club Super Special series.


Plot synopsis

SMS puts on a production of "Peter Pan". It is directed by Mr. Cheney with Ms. Halliday as choreographer and Jessi Ramsey as assistant choreographer.

SMS holds open auditions the high school, middle school, and elementary school for Peter Pan. Jessi is sure she will get the role of Peter Pan and wants to write an article about the play for the paper as an insider. Other BSC members decide to audition for the play as well.

Of the BSC members who audition, none get the roles they auditioned for. Kristy auditions for the role of Nana/Crocodile and ends up as Peter Pan. Dawn auditions for Tiger Lily and wins the role of Wendy (while Cokie Mason, who also auditioned for Tiger Lily, gets her desired role.) Stacey and Sam Thomas are cast as Mrs. and Mr. Darling. Jessi, who has her heart set on Peter Pan, gets the role of a pirate (although it is also said she may have been an Indian.) She drops out and is asked to help choreograph.

Claudia and Mallory did not want to be in the play and took the crew jobs of set designer and apprentice costume designer, respectively. Mary Anne was asked to be the backstage baby sitter after Mr. Cheney observed how well she knew and handled the children.

Jackie Rodowsky is cast as Michael Darling. Karen Brewer wanted badly to be Tinker Bell, even though it wasn't a role. She showed off a great deal of a tantrum and the role was created for her.

The cast

Kristy Thomas - Peter Pan
Dawn Schafer - Wendy Darling
Barry Soeder - John Darling
Jackie Rodowsky - Michael Darling
Lucas Danver - Captain Hook
Cokie Mason - Tiger Lily
Stacey McGill - Mrs. Darling
Sam Thomas - Mr. Darling
Alan Gray - Smee
Karen Brewer - Tinker Bell
Pete Black - Nana/Crocodile (this part is later substituted by Jessi because Pete breaks his nose while riding his bike.)
Logan Bruno - Noodler (a pirate)

Indians: Hannie Papadakis, Nancy Dawes, Margo Pike, Adam Pike, Jordan Pike, Byron Pike, Matt Braddock, Buddy Barrett, Kerry Bruno

Lost Boys: David Michael Thomas, Nicky Pike, Myriah Perkins, Shea Rodowsky, Linny Papadakis, Carolyn Arnold, Melody Korman (Tootles), Bill Korman, Bobby Gianelli, Natalie Springer

Costume work is overseen by Miss Stanworth, the home-ec teacher. The costumer designer is Savannah Minton.

The rehearsals are filled with many trials and tribulations. Kristy has trouble remembering her lines; Dawn, deciding that the play is sexist, tries to turn Wendy into a feminist; Jackie continues to get into accidents and also develops a fear of the crocodile; Logan is thrown out of the play for shouting "Mutiny", but is recast after apologizing to Mr. Cheney in private; Cokie harasses the BSC members; Stacey and Sam attempt to define their relationship, which is put to the test as Sam continues to immaturely joke with Stacey; Claudia worries that her sets will kill someone; Mallory has trouble helping with the costumes.

In the end, the play is done right and everyone is happy. Kristy learns her lines, Dawn doesn't change them, Stacey and Sam make up, Jackie gets over his fear of the crocodile (when Jessi takes over the part), and Claudia and Mallory succeed in their backstage roles.

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Back Cover

SMS is putting on a school play -- Peter Pan! It's going to be a big production, with real costumers, programs, and even a director.

With Kristy in the starring role as Peter Pan, and the other members of the Baby-sitters Club involved onstage and off, the show is sure to be a hit...

Until rehearsals start. Dawn thinks the play is sexist, the pirates won't stop fighting, and Jackie Rodowsky is afraid of the crocodile!

Could this mean curtains for the Baby-sitters?

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